Railway workers urge CGT, CTA to ‘paralyze’ country if Sobrero is not released

Railway workers from the Sarmiento line led a protest at the Plaza de Mayo on Monday afternoon and called for the immediate release of delegate Rubén “Pollo” Sobrero, arrested on Friday in connection to the burning of several train carts last May.

The protesters urged the CGT and CTA umbrella unions to “paralyze the country” if in 24 hours Sobrero is still in prison. They warned that at least employees from the Sarmiento train line would go on strike.

A few minutes before 5 pm, railway workers and leftist organizations began marching from Congress towards the Plaza de Mayo while demanding Sobrero’s release.

Protesters began walking slowly down Rivadavia Av. towards the Plaza de Mayo, where they arrived a while later. They plan to stay there for the rest of the afternoon.

Railway workers and several university organizations, as well as members of the Workers’ Party, the Socialist Workers’ Party, the Proyecto Sur party were present in the protest.

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