Power cuts: protests outbreak in Punjab

Long hours of announced and unannounced power load shedding have piled up anguish people who took onto streets in various cities of Punjab.
Violent protests were erupted in Gujaranwala, Gujrat, Sialkot, Lahore, Multan, Layyah and other cities and towns of the province, where provoked protesters ransacked public and private property.
Protesters blocked the motorway at Lilla Interchange, while due to traders strike, all markets remained closed in Faisalabad.
In various other cities including Lahore protest rallies have been taken out. Police used batten-charge, teargas and aerial firing to disperse the protesters.
In Gujranwala protesters blocked the roads and pelted stones on various offices, during uproars, DSP and SHO and five other sustained injuries.
In Gujrat protesters burnt Gepco office. On the call of traders’ bodies, there was a complete shutter down in Faisalabad. In Jhang PTI took out the procession in front of DCO’s office. A large number of people participated in it.
In Multan annoyed people expressed their anger and took onto streets.
Score of people, most of them bearing canes in hands, staged protest demonstration against prolong load-shedding in Sialkot, causing traffic jam on main roads.
In Rawalpindi, hundreds of protestors took to Pasarwar Road and burned tires. Hundreds of vehicles were stranded, with few people able to make it to work or school.
People were demanding uninterrupted power supply as the shortfall has reached 7000 MW in the country, resulting in up to 20-hour power cut as a result fierce protests have broken out in various cities of Punjab against power cuts. Over 2000 agitators have been booked and nearly 70 arrested by the police.


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