Prosection for “subversive graffitti” in Peru

The seven people arrested while carrying out subversive graffitti in the Lima district of San Juan de Miraflores (SJM) were made available to the Third Criminal Attorney Supraprovincial to be prosecuted for alleged links with the terrorist group Sendero Luminoso, the National Police reported.

Miguel Angel Canales Sermeño (40), Ernesto Liendo Hipólito Yepez (24), Leonardo Casimiro Rumaldo Angle (58), Marcial Guzman Llamocca (54), Luis Enrique Urrego Gamarra (28), Cindy Leydi Raymondi Soto (20) and Celinda Maritza Araujo Medina (22), were arrested last September 15.

They were discovered in the act when they painted the walls of a building located at the intersection of the avenues and Pedro Machuca Vargas Extension Miotto with bluish colored paint.

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