Orissa: Anti Posco activists dig up coastal road at Dhinkia

Anti-Posco activists today dug up newly constructed costal road leading to the proposed Posco plant site near Paradip protesting the plant’s construction work in Dhinkia panchyat on Monday.

An uneasy calm prevailed in the proposed Posco site at Dhinkia panchyat with irate villagers of Dhinkia, Gobindpur, Patana digging up newly constructed costal road being done by construction agency ‘Paradip Parivhan’ on yesterday. Despite stiff resistance, the workers of this contract agency with the help of pro Posco supporters’ constructed the costal road leading to Posco plant site by attacking anti Posco activists including their leader Mr Abhya Sahu.

Later, all the villagers of Dhinkia panchyat united and vowed to protest the construction of costal road leading to Posco plant in which thousands of villagers including women, children gathered at construction site, 4 kms from Dhinkia to protest the construction work. The construction agency after being frightened by witnessing the mob did not press its workers to continue the construction work of this costal road in which construction work of this road has also severely affected on today.

Later, irate villagers erected the gate by using kewda trees at the construction site to prevent the entry of the workers of construction agency, Posco , police and other district officials . Later, protestors also dug up this road by the help of proclean machine which are being used by construction agency to construct the road.

Though no fresh incidents have been reported at the construction site since the no workers of construction agency start the work at the outskirt of Dhinkia, the tension is palpable as villagers prepare for a showdown during the start of work.

Sources said that construction agency constructed the road about 50 feet at the out skirt of Dhinkia panchyat on yesterday by attacking the irate anti Posco activists so that these newly 50 feet road was severely damaged by the protestors on today.

Former sarpanch of Dhinkia Mr Sisir Mohapatra has expressed ‘ Posco goons injured neralay 15 vilagers by attacking them on yesterday so irate villagers dug up costal road by proclean machine to protest the Posco work in Dhinkia so we are organising villagers for the battle against hired goons of Posco company, the police and the district administration,” He said threat of Posco company forced the state government to expedite construction work by local goons process so gates has been reinforced at village gates round-the-clock to prevent them.
Meanwhile, one revenue officer has expressed that the construction of costal road has not yet started but workers heightened the road by the sand so this destruction of this road by anti Posco activists would not affect the construction work of costal road.

“We will prevent the workers of contract agency , government officials and company staff from entering the proposed plant site to resume the construction work so we dug up the coastal road. We are protesting the Posco related work but not other development work as we ware strongly protesting Posco project. The villagers will stall any attempt to contract the road,” Posco Pratirodh Sangram Samiti (PPSS) president Mr Sahu told reporters
District superintendent of Police Mr S.Debdatta Singh has expressed that Kujang police has registered a case against anti Posco activists for hurling bombs to the workers of contract agency after getting allegation from contract agency ‘Paradip Parivhan’. No allegation regarding the digging up roads by anti Posco activists has yet reported near police so far- he added.

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