Naxal camp busted by security forces

CHANDRAPUR: Security forces in Gadchiroli busted an intensive training camp of Naxalites in a major operation carried out in the jungles of Gyrapatti under Kurkheda police division. While several Naxals are suspected to be injured in the encounter, forces have recovered a couple of Bharmar guns and hoard of Naxal material from the camping site. The operation was carried out on September 24 but details of operation were revealed to media on Wednesday.

“It was a joint operation in which forces from CRPF-191 battalion, COBRA battalion and district police participated. Joint forces were mobilized on the basis of tip-off about Naxal training camp and the security personnel intercepted the camping Naxal during morning hours. The encounter lasted for more than an hour, after which the Naxalites fled,” said official sources.

The gun battle began around 9am, when over 50 Naxals belonging to Khobramenda and Tippagarh dalam fired at approaching security forces. However, they could not face the assault of security forces for long and retreated into the jungle.

“We found blood stains at several places, which suggest at least half a dozen Naxals might have been injured or killed in the gun battle. However, fleeing Naxals managed to carry away their injured and dead aides, leaving none behind,” said an officer who participated in the operation. No one on the police side was injured in the exchange of fire.

He claimed that it was an intensive training camp involving training in firearms, explosives, use of medicine, political agenda and media approach. “We have recovered inflammatory banners, posters, Naxal literature, ration, detonators, wire bundles, two Bharmar guns (manually loading guns) along with 10 tents. There were black boards scribbled with mathematics, extensive supply of medicines, radio kits etc, giving a sense intensive Naxal training in the dense jungle,” said the officer.

He claimed that Naxals might have been camping at the place since a fortnight. It took almost two days for the security forces to gather the belongings of the Naxalites and destroy the camp. Security forces have intensified the anti-Naxal operation in the area following the presence of fleeing Naxalites.

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