Angola police break up anti-regime rally

LUANDA — Angolan police broke up an anti-government demonstration Sunday 10 minutes after about 100 youngsters began a rally in the capital calling for President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos to resign.

A substantial police deployment dispersed members of a group calling itself the Young Revolutionaries Movement, sources said.

They had planned to march to Independence Square but when police stopped them they decided to camp in front a nearby cemetery.

“Thirty-two years in power is too much! Jose Eduardo Dos Santos, you must go!” said the protesters, who also called for the release of 17 colleagues arrested at a rally earlier this month.

Police violently broke up the group’s September 3 demonstration, which was called to protest a lack of basic services like running water and electricity in Africa’s second largest oil producer.

The Young Revolutionaries Movement is made up mostly of university students and some popular rappers, who sing against Dos Santos.

Sunday’s demonstration saw the partners and mothers of some of those arrested previously take part.

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