Andhra Pradesh Police chalk out plan to combat Maoist activities

Hyderabad, Sep 25 (ANI): In an endeavor to combat the Maoist activities in the state, the Andhra Pradesh Police has planned to install cameras on unmanned vehicles.

“Unmanned vehicles flying with very low altitude, so the question of that being shot or pilot getting killed doesn’t arise. That is the safest precaution. Second thing is payloads of 360 degrees angles cameras. It also has night vision cameras. So, it takes the photographs, and sends it to the satellites, from the satellite it comes to the base,” Andhra Pradesh Director General of Police (DGP) V. Dinesh told media persons here today.

“The base is being kept at Madurpuri Airport. That is one payload, second payload is it picks up the signals, telecommunication radio frequency signals,” he added.

This new device picks up minute details of the surroundings and the state police hopes that it can transmit pictures of Maoist training camps and their hideouts.

“Any movement, not only photography, any movement is picked up. Some smoke, they will be cooking, under the thick foliage, so that also gets picked up. And then that gets transmitted. It’s all within seconds; light travels per second one lakh eighty-six thousand miles. So that’s the speed at which we get the imagery,” said Reddy.

“So, the moment a photo gets taken we will see the Madurpuri airport. We will allot our field units, since we know the exact portion, we will ask them to go. Otherwise, without that somebody will have to come and convey it to us,” he added.

The Maoist insurgency has gripped nearly one-third of the country, spreading into the interiors of 20 states of the country.

Emphasising that Left Wing Extremism (LWE) is a major challenge for security and sovereignty of the country than terrorism, Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram earlier this month said the Centre was open to talks with Maoists provided they suspend violence.

Chidambaram highlighted the fact that Maoists have killed 297 civilians and 109 security personnel in 2011. (ANI)


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