A prisoner sews up his mouth as a protest against the police in Kyrgyzstan

Yesterday, September 21, a prisoner sewed up his mouth as a protest against actions of policemen in the pretrial detention center of Issyk-Kul province, the Spokesperson’s Office of Ombudsman reports.

As reported, the prisoner Andrey Radchenko suspect in theft is trying to draw attention of the public to outrage and tortures committed by law enforcement officers. ‘His jaw was broken and he was incurred to other forms of physical and moral coercion. Protesting against outrage Radchenko embarked on hunger strike and tried to set himself afire in the building of the regional prosecutor’s office. Then the police accused him of attempt to fire a building,’ reads the message.

As noted, Ombudsman Tursunbek Akun has gotten on top of this case. ‘The chief demand of the prisoner is to consider immediately his case in the regional court as well as to bring all facts of torturing him to top prosecutor’s notice,’ reads the message.

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