Police clash with students in north Colombia

Riot police broke up student protests Tuesday at the University of Pamplona, in north Colombia, leaving several seriously wounded, five arrested and the university in chaos.

More than 1,000 students were gathered at the university as part of an ongoing protest when the riot squad entered the building and, facing resistance from the students, started using tear gas and stun guns. According to a report by Caracol Radio, five people were taken to hospital with serious injuries, five more were arrested and academic activities were suspended indefinitely as a result of the riots.

According to an eye witness for El Especatador, the number of seriously injured was as high as ten and the riots continued into the streets surrounding the university.

More than 5,000 students at the university had not been able to attend classes since Friday due to the ongoing protests that had paralyzed normal activities.

The students had blocked the entry to the university with chairs, desks and other elements in an effort to have their voices heard and their demands met.

The protestors want university officials to comply with and implement certain agreements that were made two years ago between the academic institution, the students and the government. Their demands relate to the adequacy and provision of materials, supplies and equipment for various faculties as well as price reductions and the freezing of tuition prices.

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