Hundreds protest killing of Dominican by narcotics detective

NEW YORK.- To the chant “John Collado lives, lives. The fight goes on, on –and- “What do we want? Justice, now!,” hundreds of Dominicans marched from the front of building where the narcotics detective Thomas Connelly shot and killed the ex wrestler from Santiago, as the protest reached Upper Manhattan’s 34th precinct.

The demonstrators, headed by Collado’s wife, their children, brothers, aunts and nieces, started shortly after 2 p.m from building 4292 on Post avenue, crossed sections of Dyckman and Broadway avenues, until 184th St., where the police station is located.

Several community activists, business and political leaders accompanied the protesters, many wearing shirts or carrying posters with a picture of Collado.

Thousands of people from other nationalities stated their solidarity with the Dominican and Hispanic marchers along the route, escorted by six Police officers and several vehicles of the Community Affairs Department.
“They let him die like a dog,” said Collado’s niece Banays Taveras, who works in a nearby hospital.

She said her uncle was injured and she tried to help him, and despite showing her medical ID, the police stopped her.

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