60 bus line strike continues, workers set road-block at Colectora motorway

Workers from the 60 bus line continue the indefinite strike started yesterday, and set a road block at the Colectora motorway in the kilometre 42 in Ingeniero Maschwitz, Buenos Aires. Workers demand payment of wage arrears and to denounce the “intimidation” of members of the union’s commission.

Early this morning, bus drivers set a road block along the Colectora motorway in the kilometre 42, and according to union sources the protesters will remain there until 10am when company’s representatives and workers’ delegates will be hosted by government officials at the Labour Ministry, located in Leandro N. Alem 600, in order to solve out the situation.

A workers’ delegate informed TV reporters that DOTA SA company, which has recently bought out the company from previous owners MONSA SA, “sent a gang of bullies to intimidate us and force us to lift the strike”, and added, “These people were carrying guns. As a matter of fact, the police conducted a raid at the company’s facilities here in Maschwitz last night and seized two 38mm and one 9mm guns from the managers’ offices that are oftenly visited by the thugs they sent over to threat us.”

The strike affects between 250,000 and 300,000 passengers that use the company’s 17 branch lines.

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