4 injured as police clash with oil workers in central Colombia

At least four people were injured in clashes between police and oil workers who are blocking roads at a Pacific Rubiales site in central Colombia in protest against stalled pay negotiations.

One protester, Antonio Rodriguez, told LA F.m. that police arrived late Sunday night and began firing teargas at the protesters who had shut down transit routes in and out of the site near Puerto Gaitan in the department of Meta.

According to Rodriguez, the confrontation continued through the night leaving four to six protesters injured.

Rodriguez said when police attacked “it was a peaceful protest, there was no rioting, it was just a road block.”

He added the protesters took action to try and force the company to negotiate in the long running pay and conditions dispute.

“Three long months have passed since they were supposed to enter into negotiations and we are tired of waiting,” said Rodriguez.

Pacific Rubiales Vice President Federico Restrepo blamed the trouble on outside agitators trying to cause “public disorder” and intimidate workers into not negotiating. He told La F.m., “there is not a single Pacific Rubiales employee among the protesters.”

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