The President Martelly asks to stop the unrest in the country

Last week, was marked by several demonstrations in the country, initiated by students, for the departure of the UN Mission for Stabilization in Haiti (Minustah). Demonstrations that have unfortunately been the cause of vandalism and street violence, due to infiltrators (thugs and criminals of all kinds). Faced with these unrest, the President Martelly said :

“…there are demonstrations in the streets, I think it’s simply because we have no control of the streets, everyone can think in a manner, wanting something but not by throwing rocks […] we need order in the country, the President Martelly has no authority to pick up a rock to break a car window, I have no such right […] this is not what we advocate, because the state or a Society, it is not that, therefore, we say to everyone […] that we can sit, we can discuss, but we must stop the disorder.

We now need to move forward in the country and I ask the police to do its job so that it stop the chaos in the country […] it does not depend on the student that the Minsutah leave the country […] they can seek to understand how we will do it, we can talk with them of the steps we’re taking so that the Minustah leave, is the dream of all Haitians, we have a flag, we have an independent country, but we must remember, that it is us, the Haitians, who have destroyed our army, what makes that today it is the foreigners who give us the security in the country…”

The Director of the National Police of Haiti (PNH), Mario Andrésol has indicated to the attention of offenders “when you break the windows of a vehicle, the owner complains, when it complains, the people we arrest, we do not know if they are students or vagabonds, are brought to justice. We have pictures of all the people who throw rocks […] we have identified them. We will invite all those who had broken windows to complain, and they [the people identified] will compensate them […] we are not going to make repression or violence, but we will do according to the law and I will instruct the Departmental Director, we will track files that I have hand in order to render them harmless…”

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