Yemeni Students Close Faculties in Protest against New Academic Year

Yemeni students on Saturday closed a number of faculties of Sana’a University in protest at the new academic year which started amid persistent unrest crippling the republic.

The students claimed the new academic year should not start as they urged priority should be given to solving the current situation.

Over the past few days, the government urged to punish instructors and teachers who would be absent as it set September 17th as the beginning of the new academic year.

The students also staged a demonstration inside Sana’a University’s campus and put chains on the doors of the faculties they had closed.

The colleges closed included Education, Mass Media, Sharia and Law and Commerce.

In a statement, the students said the regime tries to convince the world the situation is stable and that there is not a revolution.

“This is untrue and the regime continues the collective punishment of the Yemeni people,” the statement said.

Tens of thousands of youth-led protesters have been conducting a sit-in outside Sana’a University to call for the ouster of the regime.

Along with tens of thousands in freedom and change squares in other cities, the protesters are determined to stay on the streets until the regime was ousted.


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