Suicide attempt in central Tunisia stresses plight of unemployed

TUNIS, Sept. 16 (Xinhua) — Five jobless university graduates from Kasserine, a town in central Tunisia, were saved after attempting suicide on Friday, Radio Mosaique FM reported. The incident stresses the plight of unemployment, one of the country’s main challenges.

The five men who were reportedly refused teaching positions, tied nooses around their necks before the regional education authority on Thursday threatening to hang themselves, put their threat into execution on Friday.

One of the men aged 43, the age limit for entering Tunisian civil service, is reported to be in poor condition, while the other four were released from hospital on the same day.

Kasserine, which is located some 60 km from Sidi Bouzid which is considered as the cradle of the Tunisian unrest, suffered the greatest number of casualties during the violence that led to the ouster of former president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

Tens of protestors were shot dead after protests rocked the town in mid-January.

The protests started after a young fruit vendor from Sidi Bouzid, doused himself in petrol igniting himself in December 2010. The act sparked a trail of nationwide demonstrations, causing the death of nearly 300 people.

Months after the unrest started, many young Tunisians from inland Tunisian towns, still believe little has been achieved in terms of solving the unemployment issue which is affecting some 800,000 young Tunisians, including tens of thousands of university graduates.

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