Moscow city seeks ways to prevent unrest

(Reuters) – Moscow city authorities want to find better ways to communicate with the Russian capital’s 11.5 million residents so that no one resorts to using “a stone or a knife” for lack of ways to get their views heard, the deputy mayor said.

Many Muscovites are frustrated by the fact that they have little say in who runs the city because its leaders are not directly elected, and opinion polls show one in five Russians is unhappy and wants to emigrate.

A poll this month showed 43 percent of Russians would be ready to take part in street protests even though public approval ratings for Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev are high.

“If you give someone a possibility to express himself, swear once a week, he will not keep it to himself for a year and then take to the street with a stone or a knife,” Deputy Mayor Andrei Sharonov told the Reuters Russia Investment Summit.


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