Riots Affected 200 Businesses Says Report

Almost 200 businesses in Manchester were hit by last month’s riots and looting, according to a new council report.

A report set to go before the council’s executive today (September 14) claims 77 businesses experienced burglary, 115 were subject to criminal or other damage and four were the victims of arson.

Footfall for the two weekends after the disturbances was down by at least 25 per cent and 12 per cent respectively, it said.

The report also says the disturbances in Manchester and Salford were different. ‘In Manchester, there were fast moving groups looting and committing burglary. In Salford, there was extreme violence against the police,’ it said.

Around 2,000 people were involved in the Manchester rioting, against the 1,000 police deployed in Manchester and Salford.

There were 155 fires across Greater Manchester with one in the city centre, at Miss Selfridge. A hundred premises were severely damaged with police vehicles also hit.

As of last week, 322 individuals have been arrested across Greater Manchester, 166 of which are Manchester residents. Of the 166 Manchester residents, 133 (80%) of are adults, with 33 (20%) being under the age of 17. The main cluster of age ranges is 16 to 20 year olds but 89% of Manchester residents arrested were male.

The tenure split is 23 per cent Council, 29 per cent private, 40 per cent registered social landlord and seven per cent no fixed abode.

The city council has already held de brief meetings with Greater Manchester Police to discuss how both sides tackled the troubles, but will hold further meetings to discuss ‘the co-ordination of key messages to city centre businesses, residents and visitors on when it was no longer safe to carry on with business as usual.’

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