150 gather to demand jobs in Khabourah

About 150 youths held a demonstration to demand jobs at Khabourah Roundabout on Monday. “The protesters, a majority of whom were not more than 20 years old, gathered at Khabourah Roundabout from 7am, demanding jobs. They were there until around 2pm,” said Ahmed al Hosni, an eyewitness.

“Police officers and some sheikhs from the wilayat of Khabourah gave them a patient hearing and asked them to disperse, but they refused to leave.” “We demanded employment like the residents of Sohar, who were taken in large numbers and given jobs. Anti-riot forces used tear gas and batons to disperse us even though we were sitting peacefully, and did not block the roundabout,” a protester said.

“A group of around 18 protesters who managed to escape were arrested by security forces.” A large crowd gathered later in front of Khabourah Police Station demanding the release of the arrested protesters.

“Anti-riot vehicles accompanied by police patrols were leaving the police station,” Hosni added. A senior ROP officer said that the situation had been resolved and things were back to normal by afternoon.

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