Five injured and a bus burned in riots in Ouargla

Riots broke out on Saturday morning in Ouargla, between unemployed youths and anti-riot forces, local sources said Saturday.
Five young people were slightly injured and a bus was burnt during the clashes. Unemployed youth held a sit-in in First of May Place, in front of the district of Ouargla. The clashes began after the arrival of anti-riot forces.
The unemployed youth were demanding jobs. They also denounce the bureaucracy of the administration and the lack of transparency in the management of employment case. The sit-in would be also a sign of solidarity with a young man who tried to immolate himself Thursday at a previous event. He suffered burns but his days are not in danger, said the sources.
For four days, several neighbourhoods in Ouargla are experiencing tension because of the particular employment problem that hits the oil province of the south. Young unemployed in Ouargla accuse the firms in the province of recruiting labour in the northern regions to the detriment of local unemployed.

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