Uprising: Alemão christens the Army “Commando Green “

Rio – Ten months after the occupation of the peacekeeping force, the  residents of the Alemão complex made the first demonstration against military action, responsible for security in the region. They accuse the soldiers of acting with violence Sunday against a group of villagers in a bar, when four soldiers and wounded five locations. In other peaceful community, the City of God, there was also confusion Sunday. PMs were attacked. A policeman and three residents were injured.
In Alemão, the tracks were extended eight communities against the peacekeeping force. “The people are humiliated by the Alemão Army. Exit the Red Command, enter the command Green, “said one, referring to the criminal faction that dominated the community before the pacification. Another, hung on the Road Itararé, had read: ” the Governor exchanged half a dozen for six. The dictatorship continues. ”

By the time a track was laid, a truck with soldiers passed. A soldier had an artifact in their hands. Major Bouças said the Army will not withdraw tracks. “We do not interfere in people’s lives. We guarantee that the law is enforced. ” In the evening, demonstrators protested in Itararé Road.

The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) initiated inquiry into the actions of the military. Two attorneys went to the complex on Monday and talked with General Justo Cesar Rudder, commander of the peacekeeping force.
Residents told, during the protest, which pass through humiliation of soldiers, which interfere even in birthday parties. “We have a curfew and ask permission for everything,” complained another resident

“The Security Secretariat rushed to put the Army in Alemão. The Army has another function. They were training to enter the favela, but do not know to what extent. The UPP and fulfill its role with regard to the armed territorial control, but lack permanent channel of dialogue with the residents, “he said sociologist Ignacio Cano.

Non-lethal weapons hurt residents
On Sunday, soldiers used rubber bullets, bombs and pepper spray against residents. A woman was struck in the back. The trouble started, according to the peacekeeping force when ten soldiers attempted to address two men acting suspiciously in the locality Alvorada.

“I do not know what they did, but the community prevented the arrest of the two. At about 17h, they watched a football game drinking. Drink a lot and commit excesses, “said Major Bouças, Public Relations officer of peacekeeping force.

Residents reported that the soldiers came shooting and throwing bombs. According to some dealers that have ordered expelled in case of problems, they leave for the confrontation with the army.

Stones and bottles in PMs

In City of God, the trouble started in the Square Apartments, after a group that was in the funk throwing stones and bottles in the PMs of the UPP in the early hours of Monday. Sergeant André Luiz is injured by a stone and glass building was broken. Two residents have suffered minor injuries. MPs were told that a separate row.

Chief of Police Units Pacification Colonel Robson Rodrigues assured that there is no need to change policing. After problems in the Morro do Turano, teams began to shoot actions in the communities pacified. “We purchase non-lethal weapons and dialogue with the community. We can not find that it’s all wrong, “he said. The officer promised that will not stop the ball and will look at pictures to identify offenders.

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