Residents stage protest against encroachment operation in Faisalabad

The residents of Jhal Bridge Railway Quarters staged demonstrations against an encroachment operation which was jointly carried out by the corporation and the district administration in Faisalabad.

The area is home to hundreds of people.

The operation had started earlier this morning in order to pave the way for the extension of Canal Road by clearing out the houses built illegally in the vicinity.

In reaction to the operation, the residents blocked Samundari Road and hurled stones at the administration workers while they chanted slogans against the corporation.

The police were present on the scene and were trying to resolve the matter by holding a dialogue with the protestors.

According to the police official the protestors were not agreeing to anything less than withdrawal from the demolishers.

The protestors said that the local administration offered them a substitute to relocate which is far away from their current residence.

The district administration has put the operation on hold in the aftermath of the protest.


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