Protestors toyi-toyi at police station

FOR over 10 minutes, between 1:00pm and 1:13 members of the public could not access the Manzini Police Station as about 500 protestors blocked the entrance.
The protestors, armed with sticks and tree branches, sang struggle songs while pointing at police officers who had formed a wall at the police station door. In their songs, they demanded the release of political prisoners including former UNISWA student Maxwell Dlamini.
They also demanded answers on the death of activist Sipho Jele but none of the police officers present gave them answers. They also made a stop over at the traffic section, where they made the same demands. After this demonstration the protestors then headed for the cross roads leading to the main bus rank.
Members of the public and business people were sent scurrying for cover when out of the blue the protestors sprinted towards Standard Bank, straight to the security officers who had made a wall to block the road leading to the main bus rank.
Some of the protestors pushed the officers but did not find their way through to the bus rank. It is worth mentioning that even if they tried they would have had it tough  because the riot squad, fully armed, stood on guard behind the officers who had formed the wall.


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