Israel razes Bedouin village for 29th time

RAMALLAH: The bulldozers of Israeli Lands Administration (ILA) on Thursday demolished the unrecognized Bedouin village of Al-Araqib for the twenty-ninth time in recent months.

Sheikh Sayyah Al-Touri, the head of Al-Araqib village’s council, said the bulldozers of ILA and the Jewish National Fund, backed by hundreds of Israeli police officers demolished the homes of the village.

Israel insists that unrecognized Bedouin homes in the Negev must be destroyed because they have no permits and have been built without basic infrastructures.

The village, which is located between the cities of Rahat and Beer Sheva in the southern Negev Desert, was demolished for the 28th time last May, but as in previous instances, it was immediately rebuilt.

Volunteers from the Higher Arab Monitoring Committee and several Arab and Israeli political activists had helped the villagers of Al-Araqib rebuild their homes every time the Israeli authorities demolish them. The activists said that they will continue to rebuild structures in the village.

Al-Touri said that the police inspectors confiscated the ingredients of the homes, one of them for a new couple, and transferred them to unknown locations before the bulldozers began the demolition process.

He added that the Israeli security forces declared the village a closed military zone and prevented Arab and Israeli leftist activists and journalists from entering it to show solidarity or to cover the demolition.


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