Thousands of Honduran Teachers Strike for Back Pay

TEGUCIGALPA – Some 30,000 Honduran public school teachers on Monday declared themselves on strike to protest the government’s delay in paying their salaries.

The strike began on Monday just when thousands of public school students were coming back to class after five consecutive weeks of street protests against an education law promoted by the government and the Honduran Congress with the support of social sectors.

According to the head of the public school teachers union, Edgardo Casaña, 30,000 teachers – or half of those who work in the public school system – joined the work stoppage in 298 municipalities around the country to get the government to pay them their August salaries.

In remarks to reporters, Casaña said that the strike will be extended until Wednesday and accused the education authorities of “abuse, inhumane treatment and mistreatment of the dignity of teachers.”

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