Youth protest of Jordanian Forces ‘presence’ in Bahrain

AMMONNEWS – near 50 of Jordanian youth staged a protest on Sunday in front of the Bahraini embassy in Amman to protest what they said Jordanian Gendarmerie Forces ‘presence’ in Bahrain.

The protest was held amidst heavy security presence, with various police, and gendarmerie forces surrounding the area, and closed the roads around.

Several media outlets reported that hundreds of Jordanian security forces were sent to Bahrain to help the Bahraini security forces to handle the protesters.

The protesters expressed solidarity with Bahraini peaceful demonstrations, and denounced the use of force to disperse the protesters by Bahraini Forces, and the destruction of “ Loaloa” circle where the Bahraini protesters staged their sit-ins.

Earlier many youth Movements canceled their participation in the protest.

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