Post office employees go on strike

Post office employees in Qena went on strike to push for investigations into allegations of corruption at the National Postal Authority and the dismissal of its chairman Tareq al-Sadany.

The protesters called for terminating advisers’ contracts, transparency regarding the authority’s finances and permanent contracts for temporary employees.

They also called for raising incentives for workers in isolated areas to 50 percent of the basic salary, introducing a profit-sharing system, raising bonuses to 200 percent of basic salary and removing the authority’s chairman for refusing to meet employees’ demands.

Employees at post offices in Gharbiya Governorate also went on strike to call for removing the chairman who refused to meet their demands.

Several residents in the city of Tanta attempted to break into the post office after employees refused to receive customers.

The employees called for increasing bonuses, transforming the authority into a banking body, restructuring of salaries, dismissing advisers, holding corrupt officials accountable in transparent investigations, and appointing temporary employees on a permanent basis.

In the city Ismailia, employees continued a sit-in they had started before the eid holiday, thereby provoking clashes with citizens in the area.

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