Parents Who Use Children In Public Protest Will Be Charged, Seguridad Assures

The Ministerio de Seguridad said on Tuesday that it will be charging parents to use children in public protests, this after the street protests in the south where authorities saw the use of minors during the unrest.

In these demonstrations it was found that some children were used to try to block the action of the police who was forced to use tear gas during the revolt.

The vice-ministro de Seguridad and former chief of the Fuerza Pública (police), Walter Navarro, said that adults exposed their children to the dangers of a protest and could be easily be trampled or run over by vehicles, among other risks.

“It is our responsibility to restore order when someone tries to stop free passage of public space”, Navarro said.

The unrest over the weekend included the actions of residents blocking passage of garbage trucks to and from a dump they consider should be closed.

Anti riot police were forced to disperse the protestors when the unrest was at the point of turning violent.

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