Manila Housing Demolition Scuffle

Manila residents clash with police as they try to prevent the demolition of a one hectare shanty community that over 1,000 people call home.

Authorities are planning to clear the land for development, but these angry residents are blocking the demolition team’s advances.

As tensions mount, the clashes between informal settlers and police spread to a main thoroughfare, causing heavy traffic delays.

One retired sergeant wanted to spend the rest of his life here with his family, and says it’s unfair he’s being forced to move.

[Isagani Mural, Resident]:
“Like the situation today, I do not have any money to move to a different house. I guess the law is only for the rich and not for the poor.”

Authorities claim they had given the residents months of notice to leave the private compound, and say they offered financial assistance to those affected by the demolition.

But to these residents that’s not enough, and many say that what they really need is for the government to properly relocate them.


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