Police Use Tear Gas To Disperse Protestors In Pérez Zeledón

More than fifty officers of the Fuerza Pública (police) dressed in riot gear and firing tear gas was necessary to reopen the road to the municipal dump in Lomas de Cocorí, Pérez Zeledón, after protestors laid rocks on the road and challenged authorities.

The protest was to prevent garbage trucks from entering the dump with new waste after a Tribunal Ambiental (Environment Court) gave the municipality and extention, however residents of Lomas de Cocorí where the landfill is located, since Wednesday blocked passage of trucks, arguing the dump has been ordered closed since 2003.

On Sunday, police were called in to lift the blockade. Initially police tried to negotiate with the protestors, but in the face of negative results decided to use force to disperse the protestors and others who joined in.

Pregnant women, the elderly, a handicapped woman and several children all made up the group of protestors.

In the end, the Cruz Roja (Red Cross) took four people to the hospital Escalante Pradilla, plus a police official, all affected by the tear gas.

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