Unionists to remember slain factory hand

Trade union activists launched a massive leaflet campaign in and around the Free Trade Zones at Katunayaka and elsewhere ahead of a massive protest set to be held at Colombo Fort on August 30.

Anton Marcus-President of the Free Trade Zone and General Services Union said the planned protest was to highlight the government’s broken promises regarding compensation payment to the injured persons during clashes between police and FTZ workers in June.

One person was killed and dozens of others wounded many seriously in the clashes.

He also called on the authorities to bring an end to the repression of trade union activists who took part in the June 30 protests. “This matter will be taken up at the Fort protest”, he said.

He also said that the protest will be followed up with a massive sathyagraha campaign at the FTZ to mark the third month death remembrance of Roshen Chanika-the factory hand who was killed in police firing during the June protests.

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