Protest against violence on gays leads to 5 arrests in Bloomfield

Police arrested five people who they said blocked roadways and became disorderly during a rally Wednesday night in Bloomfield.

One of those arrested was on probation after previously serving time for $15,000 in damage he caused in Oakland during the G-20 protests in 2009.

That man, David Japenga, is now expected to have a probation violation hearing, in which he could be ordered to prison.

About 100 protesters gathered to combat violence against gays and lesbians outside the Pleasure Bar near Liberty Avenue and Cedarville Street about 7 p.m. Wednesday.

When police saw the gathering and learned there was no permit, they instructed the group that it either needed to keep moving or take the rally to Friendship Park, police spokeswoman Diane Richard said.

But when the protesters did not obey the police orders, an officer gave instructions over a loudspeaker, but they responded by chanting “anti-police slurs,” Ms. Richard said.

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