Police crackdown in Hunza Galgit Baltistan

Following a police crackdown in Hunza Galgit Baltistan twenty people have been arrested including 6 Labour Party Pakistan and Progressive Youth Front activists. Baba Jan is the main accused, he will not surrender. Human Rights organisations should take immediate notice of this grave situation.

On August 19 2011, Galgit Baltistan police, Ranger and Northern Squad jointly crackdown on the houses of different political activists and arrested 20 of them. The sixteen different FIR’s registered under section 147,148,149,427,436,353,448 of PPC (Pakistan Penal Code) 17 Herba and section 6/7 of Anti Terrorism Act. The Police version is that on August 11, 2011 some nominated and unknown people gathered on Karakorum High Way Ali Abad to Block the Road, when police try to disperse them they attacked on them and damaged public property.

All sections deal with riot, terrorist attacks, unlawful assembly, attack on government servant and damage government property. In practice these sections mostly used against the political activists. Labour Party Pakistan Federal Committee member Baba Jan is nominated as main accused in FIR No 20/2011, Police raided his home many times but he is still underground. Labour Party Galgit Baltistan decided that Baba Jan will not surrender before the police in connection with these false FIR’S against him and many others activists.

Baba Jan is one of the most respected political activist of Gilgit Baltestan. He triggered the movement to safe the people from the Atta Abad lake. He is head of Progressive Youth Front in the region. Baba Jan just called me from unknown place, he rejected the police version about the crackdown, he said , real story is that on 11 August 2011, the effectives of Hunza Lake peacefully gathered on Karakorum High Way Ali Abad to present their demands before the Chief Minister of Galgit Baltistan during his visit to the area. The 25 families of Hunza Lake effectives were demanding relief amount of Rs. 4 hundred thousand promised by the Government After the unnatural formation of Hunza Lake.

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