Facebook teen nicked for inciting murder of police officers

A teenager who called for a million police officers to be killed on Facebook has been jailed for 33 months.

Amed Pelle of Nottingham logged onto the social networking site hours before recent rioting in he city to encourage his friends to murder police officers.

Posts made on the network detailed shops later targeted for looting and encouraged people to retaliate against the killing of Mark Duggan by police officers in Tottenham.

In a series of posts the unemployed youth said: “Kill one black youth, we kill a million Fedz (police), riot til we own cities”.

In a later update Pelle added: “Rioting 2nyt anyone want anything from (fashion chain) Flannels?’

Sentencing Pelle Judge John Milmo said: “An element of deterrence is called for in cases like this. A clear signal needs to be sent out that criminal conduct of the kind demonstrated in these cases is out of order and will not be brushed under the carpet.”



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