Workers strike at Exxon’s Papua New Guinea LNG site

PERTH Aug 25 (Reuters) – Workers at Exxonmobil’s Papua New Guinea PNG LNG plant site have been on strike since Monday, the company said on Thursday, but said it does not expect the action to delay the $15 billion project.

“We have been making quite good progress on the project. In this particular case, we’re confident that we will have a speedy resolution,” Exxon spokeswoman Rebecca Arnold said.

The workers on strike are employed by Laba Holdings, an umbrella landowner company for the four villages impacted by the LNG plant site development, Arnold said.

Laba Holdings did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

As many as 100 workers, mostly from surrounding villages, are on strike after one of Laba Holdings’ sub-contractors, Red Sea Housing, failed to address worker demands for higher pay, the Australian Associated Press (AAP) said in a report on Thursday.

The workers make A$1.40($1.47) an hour, according to AAP.

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