Malawi: Threatened Malawi police officer transferred for safety

Blantyre, Malawi – Threats on the life of a police officer in the wake of the 20 July anti-government demonstration has forced the transfer of deputy Northern Region police publicist Ian Kanyama from the northern city of Mzuzu to the central border district of Mchinji.

Northern Region police spokeswoman Norah Chimwala refused to comment on the issue but police sources say Kanyama has been receiving threats over how he conducted himself during the demonstrations.

‘Since Kanyama appeared in a newspaper holding on to a suspected looter, people have been looking for him,’ said a police officer, who added that Kanyama had been receiving several unknown calls warning him that he would be dealt with because they are monitoring his movements.

The threats became so intense that Area 30 (National Police Headquarters) was forced to act.

‘He was transferred to Mzuzu last Sunday to Mchinji for his own safety,’ said the police. ‘He left under cover of darkness.’

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