Smara jobless decide to intensify the fight for work

Smara (occupied territories) August 23, 2011 (SPS) – After two months of protest in front the headoffice of ANAPEC, the jobless of Smara city have decided to continue the fight after the regional governor, Mohamed Salem Sabti, has rejected more than once to receive a committee that represented them, reports Sahara Now, a digital newspaper spread from the occupied territories of Western Sahara.

By order of the occupation governor, on Monday the protesters were threatened and humiliated by the security forces even if it was a just peaceful demonstration to demand work, the same source added.
Therefore, Sahara Now concludes, the Sahrawi unemployed decided:

– To condemn the violations of the unemployed rights in the city.

– No compromise on their claims of employment whatever the price.

– Intensifying the protest activities

– Denouncing deliberate marginalization of the dialogue and coordination committee.

– Calling all the unemployed and marginalized from the city to meet at the headoffice of the ANAPEC

– Call upon all the local and international bodies of human rights to support the unemployed in Smara. (SPS)

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