San Juan: missing man found dead

Miguel Mateo Muñoz, a young man who disappeared ten days ago in San Juan province, was found dead in a canal in the area of Jáchal, 170 kilometres from San Juan province’s capital.

Muñoz’ disappearance had triggered a series of protests in the town of Jachal, which inflicted a violent outbreak.

The previously peaceful protest turned ugly last night, as the group of residents protesting against the disappearance of a young man in San José de Jáchal, San Juan province, set fire to the town hall and a local police station, officials reported.

The Chief of Police in Jáchal, Jorge Barifusa, stated that the protestors were “hooded” and that they initiated a type of “battle” in a protest that had quickly escalated to violence. “Everything was prepared,” affirmed the officer.

The first reports indicated that during the incidents, at least one policeman and another civilian were injured. The Border Guard were working last night to control the situation.

Barifusa rebuked the attacks and explained, “the protest march finished and the aggression began,” further stating that the group was made up of about forty people, and that many of them were hooded.

The protest was initiated on August 14 following the disappearance of Miguel Mateo Muñoz; having begun peacefully in the San Juan provincial town, located approximately 170 km from the province capital.

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