Police and street vendors clash in Ramses Square

Violent clashes erupted between police and street vendors in Ramses Square on Tuesday afternoon, leading to the injury of two police officers and four soldiers.

According to preliminary police reports, a number of street vendors clashed with police as they attempted to expel the street vendors who were occupying the roads and sidewalks.

Police sources say that street vendors threw stones and empty bottles at the police officers, leading to violent clashes between the two parties in which melee weapons and shotguns were used. The police claim to have arrested eight people in possession of narcotic substances.

Major General Mohsen Murad, first assistant to the minister of interior for Cairo security, headed the security crackdown following reports that the street vendors were obstructing traffic in the square.

Security forces arrived at 8 am, and began to evacuate the square and areas under the 6 October Bridge that were being used by the vendors to store their goods.

Murad told Al-Masry Al-Youm, “The operation was carried out after repeated complaints by citizens and continuous media coverage of the ongoing chaos.”

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