Desdunes Police Station Burned after Rumors of Excessive Force

DESDUNES, Haiti ( – Elements of the civilian population ransacked and burned the police station in Desdunes, after an officer shot a young man during an arrest attempt on Monday.

Officer Lesly Leroy of the area, opened fire on a young man, said Commissioner Frantz Lerebours, spokesman for the PNH. Rumors have circulated that the injury from the shooting have led to the young man’s death.

“He was wounded by gunfire during an altercation with a police officer, the youth is being treated at a health center,” Lerebours was quoted by Haiti Press Network . Unrefuted, the police blunder provoked a wave of violence.

According to Radio Kiskeya , after the police station, the protesters also set fire to the residence of the mother of the policeman in question.

To regain control of a town in turmoil, the high command of the National Police ordered the deployment of the Department Unit for Maintaining Order (UDMO).

Officer Leroy was placed in a safe place. Spokesman Lerebours said no arrests were made Monday following the public arson and unrest.

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