Cops called as Kang Fa Textile workers run riot

POLICE were called as hundreds of Kanga Fa textile workers rioted but the factory administration says there is no need to panic.
The workers stormed the factory this week after they arrived to start work only to be told to wait longer.
Lugongolweni Member of Parliament Joseph Souza was also called to help.
Police also arrived at the factory to calm down the situation after the workers complained that the gates were shut on their faces.
Norman Sigwane, the company’s Human Resource manager said there was no need for the over 400 textile workers to panic as they would be recalled at the beginning of next month.
“We are just having a slight delay in the delivery of material. Work should resume by the 1st of September and we have a big contract. No one should panic,” said Sigwane.
He said it was unfortunate that the employees sought intervention of the police and labour office in the matter.
He said the situation was beyond the company’s control but stressed that the material was on its way and could be at the factory by tomorrow.

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