Bojador: the sahrawi jobless continue their protest

Bojador (occupied territories) August 23, 2011 (SPS) – The sahrawi jobless plateforme of Bojador held Monday night, after the prayer of Tarauih, a sit-in in front of the regional government of occupation headoffice as the beginning of a new joint mobilization in a response to the brutal intervention of the security forces against demonstrators on 28 of the last month and a method of pressure to take away their rights to social integration, a source present there reported.

The platform compund of jobless graduates, graduates of the Professional Training Center and other groups of unemployed people gathered in front of the Governor office to express their legitimate claims to benefit from the natural resources of their territory and to condemn the police approach that characterizes the Moroccan authorities reaction


As the crowd gathered in front of the Moroccan governor’s office in the sahrawi city, the violent intervention of security forces forced the protesters to move to the Square Sirsete where, at the end, they organized their sit-in surrounded by a strong security contingent occupied to provocate them to avort the demonstration.

These events took place at the time which the Moroccan Minister of Industry and Commerce, accompanied by several Moroccan officials, visited the city to inaugurate a series of projects aimed at plundering the natural resources of Western Sahara. (SPS)

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