Parsippany psychiatric hospital patients boycott therapy sessions, protest new rules

PARSIPPANY — Nearly half of the 432 patients at Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital have signed a petition or boycotted therapy sessions this month to protest new rules they say further limit their activities and force them to attend programs that don’t help in their recovery, patients and an advocacy groups say.

The conflict arose Aug. 1, when managers at the hospital in Parsippany reduced the number of visits allowed to the Park Cafe, a commissary and meeting place for patients, from every weeknight and weekends to twice a week.

The hospital also limited access to the library and a computer room, according to the petition.

The changes at Greystone led to the petition enumerating 17 complaints, ranging from “neglect of low-functioning patients” to cold food to the medicating of agitated patients instead of seeking “a resolution to the problem.”

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