Mass protest blocks main highway

CHUMPHON : Southern demonstrators blocked the main southern highway in Tha Sae district for about half an hour yesterday in a protest against projects they fear will affect their communities.

Southern demonstrators and environmental activists lie face-down on Phetkasem Highway in Tha Sae district of Chumphon province to protest against proposed development projects that may affect their communities. AMNART THONGDEE

About 1,000 protesters flying green flags and wearing green clothes closed Phetkasem Highway in front of Khao Phang Forest Park at 10am yesterday to oppose the government’s planned heavy industrial projects in the South.

They laid on the highway in a “mass planking” protest and hung a giant cloth banner across the road.

They announced their determination to shape their own future and oppose any development policies that would risk harming their communities.

Supanad Duangkamol, a village head from Pathiu district in Chumphon, said he disagreed with the Energy Ministry’s policy to build coal-fired and nuclear power plants in the South.

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