Strikers blockade roads in PMB

Police have been deployed to areas in Pietermaritzburg where it is alleged that striking municipal workers have blockaded roads with burning tyres.

KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson, Vincent Mdunge, says roads at Imbali and Dumbuza leading into the CBD have been affected by the unrest.

He says police units have been sent to the affected areas to ease the blockades.

He has warned they are going to take a hard line with the protestors.

“We are aware that in certain areas, mainly in the CBD, there are traffic blockades. People are actually blocking routes that lead into the city centre itself by burning tyres and placing barricades. This cannot be condoned. Those that are seen to be perpetuating such crimes – we will arrest them and make sure that they go to court,” said Mdunge.

Last week, striking municipal workers emptied bins and burned rubbish in ‘Maritzburg and Durban, during their ongoing protest for higher wages.

The Msunduzi municipality has obtained an interdict preventing workers from damaging property.

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