Claims LNG project could cause unrest in PNG’s Hela region

An NGO in Papua New Guinea’s Southern Highlands has warned that the impact of the LNG project on families in the Hela region could cause unrest.

Hela Community Care, or HCC, says many families who have been displaced by the construction of roads, airstrips and other infrastructure for the Exxonmobil project have not been resettled or compensated.

Some landowners, particularly in the Hides area which is central to the project, claim they’re enjoying major benefits, including improved services and infrastructure.

However HCC’s John Tamita claims that the project has displaced too many people and offered too few of them employment.

“It may be a disaster coming up. Theyve chopped the neck off a couple of Asians already, Asians who worked on the new airfield in Komo. And most likely, its also going to be taking place here (Tari) too. A lot of our residences demolished; no payment; we are struggling now; our lives become useless, they didnt consider us.”

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