15 Mzuni students to be disciplined over strike

Mzuzu University (Mzuni) says at least 15 students who are alleged to have masterminded a strike over stationery allowance last Monday and Tuesday will appear before the university’s disciplinary committee.

Mzuni senior assistant registrar (academic) Yonam Ngwira said on Thursday the fate of the students lies in the disciplinary committee.

Ngwira said the strike, organised by level two students, disrupted classes.

“Level two students applied for stationery allowance last year in September. Unfortunately, this was the period government was dissolving the students trust fund and MSB [Malawi Savings Bank] was to take over.

“The students did not get their money and what irritated them was that others who applied in January got theirs,” he said.

Ngwira said government has instructed that 427 second year students be included in the disbursement of allowances by MSB.

Mzuni Students Union president Charles Kajoloweka asked the students to be fair when presenting their grievances.

He said the union would not support unnecessary disruptions of classes.

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