Waupun prisoner on hunger strike since 2003, will continue to be force fed

WAUPUN, WI (WTAQ) – A state appeals court has ordered Waupun prison workers to resume force-feeding an inmate who’s been on a hunger strike since 2003.

Warren Lilly Junior began his hunger strike soon after he began a 10-year sentence for armed battery. He stopped eating all solid food in 2004, saying he wanted to publicize what he thought were injustices in the court and prison systems.

The state Corrections’ Department soon began to force-feed Lilly under a doctor’s care. Five years later, officials got the okay to feed Lilly while he was restrained in a chair for up to 60-minutes once a day. But he responded by vomiting his food on purpose.

A doctor told court officials his weight dropped from 230 pounds to 125 – and because he had a history of heart failure, Lilly would die in six months if the weight loss continued.

Dodge County Circuit Judge Andrew Bissonnette ordered the feedings to end in 2009.

But corrections’ officials appealed and the state’s appellate court allowed the feedings to resume, in a way that counteracts Lilly’s effort to vomit the food out of his system

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