Left wing arsonists charged with terrorism

Four young men who have been held since April for attempting to set fire to a Police school in Brøndby are going to be charged under terrorism legislation it was decided in court yesterday. A fifth man, arrested in May, is also being charged.

The men were initially charged with arson and are accused of being behind a string of attacks against a range of public and private institutions since early 2010, including fur manufacturers, Nestle, The Danish Security and Intelligence Service, the Greek embassy and Arbejdernes Landsbank in Odense.

According to the police, however, the men had several other targets planned including Christiansborg, the immigration ministry, the justice ministry, the barracks for the Royal Danish Life Guards and the hotel connected to the radical Christian church Faderhuset in Bandholm.

The five men had also made plans to assault the police when they were conducting one of their raids on Christiania, using balloons filled with petrol, Molotov cocktails and steel balls.

The judge at yesterday’s hearing decided, however, that the men would not face terrorism charges for the planned attacks Ritzau reports.

The men, who have all plead not guilty, are the first individuals from the far left environment to be charged under terrorism legislation.

(Check out a statement from comrades in Denmark on this situation http://thisisourjob.wordpress.com/2011/08/19/five-danish-comrades-facing-terror-charges/ )

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