Flash Mob Robberies Strike D.C. Area Twice in One Week

For the second time this week, a flash mob has robbed a convenience store in the Washington DC Area, spreading concerns that the alarming trend may have spread down from Philadelphia.

In the latest incident, ten women ambushed a Shop Express convenience store along Benning Road in northeast D.C. around 3:15 in the morning Thursday.

The girls grabbed snacks, food and drinks from different parts of the store before rushing out. Some of the girls even carried bags with them to collect small items in. None of them paid for the products.

An employee at the store told NBC Washington that they stole about $60 worth of merchandise.

“Stealing is a very normal thing at convenience stores,” one employee told the channel. “It happens every day — morning, evening, night. But such kind of thing I have never seen before.”

The employee added that if the trend continues, he will have to close the store at night.

While the worth of the items may seem insignificant, officials are concerned that flash mobs are becoming a growing problem in the region.

Thursday’s incident marked the third flash mob in recent weeks and the second in one week’s time. On Saturday, a flash mob took over a 7-Eleven convenience store in Germantown, Maryland, a Washington DC suburb.

In that case, nearly three dozen individuals raided the store in the middle of the night. Investigators in Montgomery County, Maryland said they know who some of the suspects are, but are hoping people will recognize the others and call police.

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