Professor says UK riots could be repeated in Portugal

A Portuguese university professor has warned that the riots seen last week in large parts of England could spread to a number of European countries, including Portugal.

Professor José Vegar bases his argument on the premise that Portugal’s “demographic pyramid” is similar to that seen in Britain, saying it consists of a large number of unemployed youths lacking professional qualifications.

“The scene is set for these protests to spread”, explained the professor, who specialises in the area of safety and security.

Speaking to Lusa News Agency, Professor Vegar also drew comparisons with the demonstrations in Islamic countries. Without discounting the possible legitimacy of their actions, he explained that once more, these protests were led by unemployed, unqualified and ultimately, disgruntled youths, and that they were the core of uprisings in these regions.

In certain large metropolitan areas, such as Lisbon, Oporto and Setúbal, “the probability of unrest is big” as the state can no longer cover all the social functions like it did before, warned Professor Vegas.

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